The Ambrose School in Meridian Idaho has an amazing drama program. The students work on their memorization and speaking abilities early in their education at Ambrose. Story is also a huge part of their educational journey. It all comes together beautifully when they get to produce plays at the high school level.

Their production of Shakespeare’s Macbeth was incredible. It included some character and dialog changes, but certainly stayed true to the original. And the acting was superb. The young man that played Macbeth was energetic and expressive. The girl who played his wife was passionate and subtly evil. All of them did so well. I had the pleasure of being their photographer for the production. The photograph for the program was taken in the gym with the assistance of just one flash and a little Photoshop.

This was also a great opportunity to put my new 80D to the test. I also rented a Canon 70-200 f2.8 for its capability in a low light environment. The combination of great ISO performance and the additional f-stops was terrific.

The part I still had the most difficulty with was when the stage was washed in only red light. The exposure seems to be calculated differently with the red light and sometimes seems to blow out highlights in the red.


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