[x_blockquote type=”left”]Jason Chatraw is an award-winning journalist, author, publisher, and literary agent with more than 20 years of experience in the print publication and book publishing world. His expertise ranges from dynamic interviewing skills to digital publishing to ghost writing and many things in between.

Jason has written, co-authored or ghost written more than a dozen books and enjoys writing about issues of faith and culture for the non-fiction market. His background as an award-winning sports writer and editor creates a fantastic platform for him to continue writing about issues in the world of sports and collaborating with professional athletes and coaches who want to share their stories.

He lives in Boise, Idaho, with his wife Janel and two daughters, Faith and Julia, and his son, Elijah.[/x_blockquote]

I had the pleasure of spending a little time with this amazing guy last night. He wanted photos for some future book projects and marketing efforts, so we met in Boise for a casual shoot. I’m not sure if Boise draws certain people, but I’ve found one thing in particular that I love about Boise residents. Many of the people I meet are incredibly inspiring and successful in their field, and you would have no idea while you’re around them. They may have every right to a large ego over what they’ve accomplished or the positions they’ve held, and yet they remain down-to-earth, humble, friendly people. Jason is a great example of this.

Here are just a few books you can check out. You can learn some more about Jason at http://jasonchatraw.com/.

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