Inexpensive point and shoot cameras and phone cameras have made shooting pictures so much easier than it once was. So why would anyone who is already carrying a camera in their purse or pocket want to hire a professional to take the real estate photos for their real estate listing?

To make you a better marketer and seller of real estate. Better photographs will draw in more potential buyers and give you the opportunity to sell it. Not only that, but when your listings look beautiful, new sellers are more likely to contact you when it’s time for them to sell.

These are just a small sample of shots that were taken first by the realtor, and then by myself. I also threw in a few photos that I took at the end that the realtor hadn’t thought to take.

Bonus Photos – Some shots the Realtor didn’t take

This is certainly not meant to be a knock on the realtor. This one in particular is amazing at selling homes, but she isn’t a photographer. It makes sense to hire a professional if you want professional results. You could probably figure out how to do it, but wouldn’t you rather focus on what you do best, and let me put to good use the time and expense that I’ve already invested in making good photos?

When you’re ready to get the best real estate photos in Boise, give me a call. (208)495-6210


A Web Developer, Photographer, and well rounded digital renaissance man, Paul infuses everything with creativity. He walks a thin line between introverted programming geek, and gregarious global business marketer.


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