We all know that social media can be great, and it can be the worst thing ever. When it comes to speaking to many potential buyers at once, it’s amazingly good. The best thing you can do to help your realtor when it comes time to sell your home is to let people know it’s for sale.

Tip #1 – Always Include a Call-To-Action

Much of the noise you’ll see on social media is informative. Opinions, jokes, complaints, or just telling about an event. However, sales posts are meant to elicit a response. As someone who wants to make a sale, you need your viewer to take an action that connects them to you, or lets you know that they might be interested in more details.

The call to action can be as overt as a request to message you if they’re interested, or it can be as simple as a link to the listing page so they will see more details. Just be sure to give them the next step in their path to buying your home.

Tip #2 – Establish HOME base

One of the easiest calls to action is the click to see more. Before you can link to the photos and details, you need to establish where that is. Hopefully, you’ve hooked up with an amazing realtor and they already are posting the newly taken real estate photography on their site as well as MLS. Decide where you want to send people and where they are most likely to reach out to your realtor. Then all of your links and shares should be funneled there.

Tip #3 – Think like a creative salesman

That super realtor you’ve gotten to know is going to do everything they can to sell your home. There’s one thing you have that they don’t though. You live there and know everything about it. You’ve got history. Start thinking about why you moved there in the first place. What sold you? What is your favorite corner of the backyard? What are the things that might go unnoticed until you tell your friends how much work you put into it?

Stories go a long way in sales. Create some social posts with that in mind. Kick up your feet with a cup of coffee in the sunlight through your favorite picture window and put an Instagram filter on it. “The best breakfast spot in town and it’s 15 feet from where I sleep. All this can be yours. Check it out.”

I know. It’s cheesy. But put it in your voice. Your social connections will love it and pass it on to people who might be interested.

Above all, share. There is a fine line between sharing and spamming, but you’ve got to share. One of the best things you can share is great photos and videos. Your iPhone will go a long way, but professional real estate photography and video will be sure to get noticed. Schedule your shoot now or encourage your realtor to call Gem State Media for all of your real estate photography and video needs. 


A Web Developer, Photographer, and well rounded digital renaissance man, Paul infuses everything with creativity. He walks a thin line between introverted programming geek, and gregarious global business marketer.


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