When the time has come to sell your home, it’s time to start thinking like a marketer. Number one rule: get people to look at the home. Number two: it better look good.

Some say that any publicity is good publicity. That doesn’t really hold true for selling a home. If the place looks like a dump, don’t count on it selling right away. So how do you make sure it looks it’s best? You could hire a company to stage it for you, but with a little work and consideration, you could have your home looking it’s best in no time. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Create a “Blank Canvas”

When staging yours or a client’s home for sale, the goal isn’t to create a perfect home. Why not? Because no two buyers will like exactly the same things. The goal instead, is to create a neutral, tasteful environment that showcases the potential of the home. You want the potential buyer to immediately see how he or she would make the home their own.

Reducing clutter.

You can’t actually change the size of a room by removing clutter, but it can seem like there is more room. When staging to sell, you want to eliminate clutter and organize what’s left to make it presentable. A home free of clutter appears more spacious and gives room for the potential buyer to see their own belongings in the space.

Accentuate the positives.

A good photographer will highlight your home’s best features and make the blemishes less noticeable. Staging should be the same way. Bring out the best in a home by creating a focus on the areas that are selling points. For instance, if the fireplace is beautiful, build a fire or focus the seating around the fireplace. Even though the room may have centered on a television previously, choose a selling point as the center of attention.

Once you’ve got the basic staging taken care of, you can start preparing for your real estate photographer. For that, I’ve created a Home Photography Preparation Checklist that you’re welcome to download and use.


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