[x_blockquote cite=”Til the Day I Die – TobyMac feat. NF” type=”center”]It’s runnin’ deeper than the ocean
This ain’t religion, it’s devotion
365, every minute, everyday
So in the middle of the madness
They can stretch me out like canvas
But I ain’t ever gonna fit in their frame[/x_blockquote]

TobyMac has been a part of the Christian music industry for a long time. So many who have gone before, slowly lost their relevance or fell away into obscurity. Not so with TobyMac. He continues to push the music and find ways to flesh out new revelations of the truth in his music with increasingly catchy tunes and beat after beat that makes you want to run into battle or dance until you’re out of breath. He was just the icing on a REALLY great musical treat Saturday night in Boise. The show got started with Hollyn. She’s got a beautiful voice and her lyrics are encouraging and inspired. Capital Kings, Finding Favour, Building429, and Britt Nicole were all amazing. I love photographing concerts. The energy in incredible and the music and show is always immediately inspiring. And while I get some photos that I really love, it’s much like a beautiful sunset. The photo will never really compare to actually being there.


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