Portrait Of An Author

I had the pleasure of spending a little time with this amazing guy last night. He wanted photos for some future book projects and marketing efforts, so we met in Boise for a casual shoot. I’m not sure if Boise draws certain people, but I’ve found one thing in particular that I love about Boise residents. Many of the people …

Adalea’s Senior Photos

Adalea is a musician to the core. Nearly all that she does is centered on worship and music. Her beauty in these photos is evident, but it pales in comparison to the soul you’ll hear in her music.

Cornwall Family At The Bishop’s House

We planned ahead. I had the sunrise time clocked. The location was chosen. They planned their wardrobe. We remembered everything. Except that the St. Luke’s FitOne 5k was the same day. Which meant that we couldn’t get into any of the parks we were planning to shoot in. We called an audible and went for the Bishop’s House by the …

Sam’s Senior Portraits

Sam and her boyfriend Neal ran around town with me the other night shooting photos where ever we paused. Unfortunately we started a little late and didn’t have as much daylight as we would have liked, but we ended up with some good shots all the same. It was certainly a fun evening of laughing and photographing.