Meridian Dairy Days 2016

The Meridian Dairy Days Parade has been going on in Meridian Idaho since before I can remember. I love taking my kids down to see the amazing businesses and smiling people that are active in our community. Good job again Meridian. I love this place and our community.

City Cattle Drive

The Idaho Cattle Association turned 100 years old. How do they celebrate? Well, run some cattle up the middle of Chinden of course. 🙂 The event was short and sweet and I thought a fitting way to celebrate their centennial.

From High Above

I love adventure. I jump at the opportunity to try something new and fun. When my friend offered me the opportunity to fly around town with him in a helicopter, I jumped on it. The helicopter is kept at a hanger at the Boise airport. The first few photos here are while he was in the hangar still doing the …